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Team Leading Level 2


The aim of the Team Leading Qualification is to contribute to the skills, knowledge and overall performance of Management and Leadership. Its purpose is to provide insight into the principles and processes of Management and Leadership and aid career progression.

It is designed to develop the skills of your potential managers that wish to gain a formally recognised qualification that recognises their abilities, it will help your employees gain skills and knowledge in many areas, including; manage personal development, set objectives and provide support for team members, plan, allocate and monitor the work of a team, lead and manage meetings, make effective decisions and manage knowledge in their own area of responsibility.

Who will benefit?

This qualification is designed for those who are entering a management role, or who wish to gain a qualification that formally recognises their skills, or those who lead a team and are responsible for its performance. It also provides the first steps towards preparing for progression to the management award.


The Team Leading Qualification will benefit your business by enabling learners to meet many objectives; listed below are some examples:

  • Identify and assess progress against performance requirements in their own work role
  • Understand the benefits and establish working relationships and colleagues and be able to identify potential work-related difficulties and explore solutions
  • Be able to communicate information and knowledge using appropriate techniques and methods
  • Be able to communicate a team’s purpose and objectives to the team members, develop a plan with team members showing how team objectives will be met and monitor and evaluate progress and recognise individual and team achievement
  • Plan and allocate work across a team and monitor, evaluate and improve team performance
  • Understand own responsibilities under equality legislation, relevant codes of practice and own organisational policies
  • Understand how to identify potential and actual conflicts within a team and take action to resolve them
  • Able to prepare for, lead and follow up issues identified in meetings
  • Understand the process of decision making, and identify and analyse information to enable them to come to a final decision

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